ombre studded zipper pouch // diy

happy monday everyone! hope you all had a fabulous weekend. just checking in real quick to show you a fun diy i did over on say yes to hoboken. i guest post over there a few times a month sharing crafty little things. i was pretty excited about how this one turned out. it's the perfect accessory to spice up a cozy tee + denim weekend outfit and perfectly fits your cell phone and some cash for catching up over a glass of wine or coffee!
we had a productive weekend and spent all of yesterday working on our backyard. i'm super excited about this. the 5 years i've lived in this house it's mostly been a concrete and weed garden. i don't know what took us so long to get motivated but we have spent each weekend in the past month finding patio furniture, planting things and just cleaning it all up. it's almost done and i can't wait to share! not to mention have a summer party to share with all of our friends. finally... an excuse for a party ;)
anyways, you can hop over to say yes to hoboken today to see my diy and let  us know what you think. i'd love to hear what you were all up to on your days off as well!