instafaves // 2

welcome back from the weekend! how was it for everyone? we had beautiful, sunny, 70 degree days... and i mean, weather controls about 60 percent of your weekend mood right? just me? well, we tried to spend as much of it outside as possible. we took niko (the dog) on a long hike and found some new trails literally across the street from our house, had brunch down by the beach and barbecued dinner, yum. oh, and did you notice the update?! so excited about it and how it all turned out. to be honest, i didn't really have much planned on how i wanted it too look. i had some ideas in mind, but everything was kind of designed on the fly. that's usually how i work on projects for myself, otherwise i spend too much time analyzing.. "is it perfect?".. and it never is. A few things I added that are extra awesome: a pin it button on pictures to make it easier for ya (hover over the image above!), main category buttons on the left to find projects, printables and weddings, consolidated links for where you can find me else where (over on the left), and just a cleaner/easier to navigate look, i think:) oh, and finally.. my very own .com! Now you just have to visit (but the blogspot address still redirects, so don't worry!) what do you think? i love hearing from you:)

and.. a few of my favorites from instagram, my latest obsession
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1. via @couldihavethat, i heart this look and really want to invest in some comfy (but stylish) tees for layering with statement necklaces this spring.
2. via @greyandscout, liz just makes me want to redecorate my house everyday... this bedding, perfection. and her dog is just as cute as her pillow cases;)
3. via @urbanic, audrey does everything right in her instagram feed.. perfect product and perfect styling. and she's always making me want more paper goods. shortly after i saw this pic, i went out and bought (unnecessary, BUT super cute) wrapping paper.
4. via @matchbookmag, besides making me want to live in new york, this one totally got me excited for some upcoming spring projects i am working on! love the styling and fresh flowers. fresh flowers always get me.

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