happy friday // my weekend map

as of recently, i've been trying my hardest to really take at least one day off on the weekend. like, REALLY take it off... no emails, no cake stand painting, no calligraphy projects (unless it's a just for fun project). disconnect and focus on me, my husband, my fam (aka. 1 giant dog and 1 crazy cat), and our home. and this weekend i get an entire day to myself while R is away doing 'boy' things. so i've been scheming how i will spend my day... first on my list a litle blog makeover. ya, i said no work, but it's not really work because i don't HAVE to do it:) it's just for fun and something i've been thinking of doing for a while. then there will be some cocktail experiments in our kitchen. i pin cocktail recipes all the time but never stop and make any, this weekend that is happening! next up, jewelry organization so i stop wearing the same necklace over and over. i have some unused space in our closet (amazing i know) so i plan on picking up some acrylic trays and untangling the giant mess of chain and beads. somewhere i'll find an hour or two to take down all of our winter decor and add some brighter touches. and last but not least i'll have a little movie night ready to go when R gets back... popcorn, m&m's, gummy bears, the whole deal. fun stuff! what do you have planned this weekend? 
ps. pic is some goods i picked up at muji last year on our trip to new york. makes me want to go back! (even if just for a shopping trip at muji)