instafaves // 1

i know i'm not the only one.. an instagram addict that is. most of the time, i find it one of the most inspiring places to browse. i guess because it's "real" and peoples everyday life. and when people live as colorfully and beautifully as they do on instagram, it's hard not to find just a few things that inspire.
and since it's monday, we all may need a little pick me up or boost to get going... looking at pretty things always does that for me, how about you?
1. via designlovefest // those gals at blogshop kill it every time
2. via pipercase // THE perfect way to spend a sunny day. champagne + pizza
3. via sugarandcloth // ashley captured this bhldn display perfectly
4. via blushshop // love this outfit. must find more pretty sweaters and patterned button ups!

it's the beginning of a new week.. excited to start it off right with a productive monday! how do you get motivated to start your week?