paper flower garland diy + crafted recap

i know i talked about this event enough, so if you couldn't make it, i wanted to share a recap of the 'craft with the bloggers' event we hosted! it was a day for readers and crafters to come hang out and make a few valentines inspired goodies.

[image above by chelsea's hubs ryan]




, me and


in front of the fabulous photo backdrop sharon created. we all hosted the event together which was so great. we all took on our own crafts and a few small tasks to make the event come together effortlessly. having a team definitely made this day stress free so we could actually enjoying our day of meeting people and making!

we went with a color scheme of peach, mint and gold. i painted and planted some pots and succulents to add a small piece of decor to the crafting tables. not only did they (i think) look great and add a touch of color, but they came home with us and are now pretty-ing up our homes.


also sent over a ton of lovey dovey tattoos for our crafters to take and wear. people were pretty excited about these. some even headed to water fountains and the ladies room to put them on right away.

we all shared one giant table and took a quarter to display our supplies, directions, and any other necessities for our craft. here is a shot of my table and some details.


set up her area with tons and tons of pre-fringed paper and stacks of heart boxes to create her

conversation heart pinatas


she even brought boat loads of candy to fill them with (i tried really hard to stay away from this area, but failed miserably, sorry i ate all your candy kelly)


brought a giant selection of trims to adorn her

balloon valentines

. yarn for tassels, feathers, sequins, you name it, she brought it.

and last but not least,


laid out her perfectly packaged materials for making giant (or mini) poofs to wear in your hair, on your jacket, or wherever else you could find a place to pin it.

it was so fun, so great to meet everyone, and i may have come away with plenty of supplies to craft for a while. win, win, win, win;)

kelly and sharon have posted tutorials showing you how to make your own versions of the crafts you see above. see

kelly's here


sharon's here

. see

chelsea's recap here

, her tutorial will be up soon!

and mine... here! keep reading to see how i made the tissue paper garlands (and another idea for it at the end) here is what you need:

tissue paper, wire, tape to match wire (wire and tape can be found in floral section at craft store)

cut petal shapes out of your tissue paper

pinch petals in center and start bunching together to create your flower. once flower is fluffy, full and to your liking, take a piece of your tape and wrap it around the base to secure.

once you have completed your flowers, string onto the wire by pushing the wire through the center of your flower.

after you have spaced your flowers on the wire, add one more piece of flower tape to secure. hang (or wear) and enjoy!

i turned my latest one into a floral crown. i'm sure there are many more ways you can display and wear these though. ps. isn't my iphone pic of myself great? you do what you have to when you work alone in your house;)

want to see more pictures from the event? check out our

facebook page here


happy friday and have a fabulous weekend.

[all images by a fabulous fete unless otherwise noted]