outfit planning // alt summit

 um. less than 24 hours until i'm on my plane to alt summit.. where did the time go?! I feel like it was just yesterday i had a few months to prepare. are any of you attending?

first things first. what am i going to wear? lucky for me, i don't have much to prepare for besides my wardrobe and business cards, so i can really focus on this part. unlucky for me... it's been 80 degrees here in southern california, kind of hard to visualize what i should be wearing for temperatures 50-60 degrees cooler and chances of snow. i'm almost positive i am packing the most inappropriate clothing i own (see outfit with shorts below), but at least i'll be fashionable, huh?

the first outfit i planned was for the big clue themed party. i'm going as mrs. white. vintage white lace dress + vintage white skirt should do it. i'm adding in some red pumps to go with the planned red lip, and most likely going to pull my hair up and adorn with that brooch i wore at our wedding. obviously i have a white coat and white scarf on hand for the trek from our hotel across the street, but i am praying for heat inside the party. i'll need it.

here's one of my 'day' outfits.
what you don't see are the knit leggings and boots i'll be wearing underneath that skirt:) 

'day' outfit number two! probably my most appropriately planned ensemble. denim w/ cords and polka dots.

this is my favorite by far, not even sure when i am wearing it... but it'll show it's face one night at alt.
i found these amazing scalloped shorts on super sale at old navy and fell in love at first sight. will definitely be pairing with some tights if you were concerned with my legs becoming icicles.

so not a bad start! 4 out of 8 planned and in the suitcase... off to pack the rest.