alt summit // peek into my week

Hi everyone! I made it back from alt summit with lots of new buddies, LOADS of inspiration, and so many new ideas brewing that I cannot wait to put into motion. I'm pretty sure everyone will handle showing off their business card collection (and ya, i'll probably share some of my faves), but I wanted to give you a little peek into alt from my point of view!
First of all, I had 4 roommates. Yes, 5 girls in one room... 2 queen beds, an air mattress, 4 flat irons, boxes of party decor (seen below), room service trays of chardonnay and french fries, at least 25 pairs of shoes, and plenty of leopard and polka dots. It was a blast, I couldn't have asked to share a room with 4 more fantastic (not to mention talented) ladies, sharon, jenny, jenn, and cyd.

the first day we arrived we had wednesday night dinners generously hosted by brands that wanted to meet bloggers in a more intimate setting. Since Jenny is super amazing, she was asked to decorate 2 of the dinners, we tagged along and helped her polka dot the crap out of a japanese restaurant (bottom right) after adding a color explosion to the first restaurant (top left). [ps. how great are those polka dot heels?! i need them]

brands also host lounges at the conference. you can go there to lounge, eat, drink and mingle. Bing set up a great lounge where they displayed projects found out here in blog land. Alt attendees picked their favorite projects and pieces from the blogs they read, nominated them, and then Bing brought them to life at Alt. This place was just full of prettiness.. including that art piece above by dominique falla. That's all thread. For reals. Then they had a wall of quotes from bloggers... and they included one by me! So excited.. not exactly sure how that happened, but THANK YOU to that person who picked it out and brought it to Alt!

Um. Land of Nod filled their lounge with swans, gold, and craft supplies. Enough said. And ya, that is a real giant swan boat they have right there. no big deal.

At the last night of Alt there were lots of mini parties, all on one floor in different rooms. We were free to roam, take in the decor, activities and refreshments each brand provided. There were photo booths, there was confetti, and there was a fabulous dance floor we spent most of our time on. And that biz card, shocking, awesome, and will sure make you remember it right? Plus that lettering is fantastic.

So. I had fun. Obviously. Besides all of the fun stuff I showed above, I have a notebook jam packed with notes and knowledge bloggers I admire were just giving away. Get excited, things are gonna get good around here;)