inspiration time

do you feel like there is a time of day that you are most "inspired" or come up with great ideas?
i feel like my time is right before i fall asleep. i like my sleep. i'm not the kind of person that would roll over and jot it down. i know, sad. BUT i have come to realize that there's a great time to "exercise" that creativity. in the morning, i've started to write down everything i can think of at the moment. colors, items, patterns and even full projects. things that just jump to mind. kind of like that thing the therapists do on tv with their patients... show them a picture and they say the first thing that comes to mind... kind of. i started doing this because i felt like the morning is a time when your mind is fresh, you aren't rushing around yet trying to tackle your to do list, you aren't annoyed with emails you received over night, it's like the calm before the storm... of your day.
i don't do it every day, but so far it has seemed to help me get things down on paper. thoughts that i have every day, but always think to myself, i'll remember that idea when i get to that project (ya right). even if things seem stupid, write it down. it also helps get those ideas out too to help make room for good ones;) when i feel like i need a little pick me up or inspiration for a post or project, i read through my list and get my mind going again WITHOUT the influence of pinterest or other internet stalking.
i like it, and i'll keep doing it as i enjoy my coffee and cheerios until i move to my next bigger and better idea:)