our halloween bash.

we had our halloween party last saturday. so fun. everybody was super creative with costumes. i wasn't late to my own party. and most importantly, R and i didn't want to kill each other by the time people got there (this usually happens because i wait until the last minute to decorate/cook/clean/get ready/etc.) but i'm finally starting to remind myself that no one is going to know about all of those little details you didn't finish or forgot to include. and man, how that has seriously improved our relationship around the holidays;) i went for easy. a small popcorn buffet. mini cupcakes (from the box). dipped pretzels and dipped donuts. honestly, i should've saved even more time by just lining my entire table with chocolate dipped donut holes. those babies were gone in about 5 minutes. i got the idea here from sharon, and adapted ours a bit with coconut.

printed out some new signs and worked in left overs from the diy i shared here!

and then the champagne bar of course. i placed a giant mirror on the table to serve as the menu, listed the simple syrups i made, what to do, and added the original champagne cocktail on there just for fun.
a few must haves if you want to have yourself a fancy little champagne bar...
homemade simple syrup. 1 part sugar to 1 part water, toss in your fruit or herbs, bring to a boil then simmer for 8 minutes. Chill and serve. SO easy and this seriously impresses people ;)
lemon peels. squeeze in any champagne cocktail because it's perfect in, like, all of them.
sugar cubes. they're pretty. oh, and they're one of the main ingredients in the original champagne cocktail.. sugar cube, bitters and champs. mmm.
i also threw some marcona almonds and olives on there for good measure. and so people had something to munch on while they tried to read my writing on the mirror (note to self. write MUCH thicker next time)

and i just had to try because natalie is such a fan (and from what i can tell, has some awesome taste), the famous mint love social club whiskey punch. first, let me tell you, as she says, people down this stuff and it is sure to be gone before your parties over... second, this stuff is sneaky... enough said.

and i couldn't share my halloween party without showing you my fabulous costume. R and i and a few friends were the scooby doo crew (obviously right?) red is definitely not my color, but it was fun for a night.