[ your party's best friend ]

literally. you can use this stuff for everything. i found this masking paper at the hardware store and figured it wouldn't hurt to have it for $2.50. i know right? $2.50? 180 feet of kraft paper goodness for less than a latte. there are really endless possibilities for this stuff, but here are just a few that i plan on (or already have) used my roll for.

a quick and easy menu.
i did this for our brunch w/ a colored pencil. cute and functional. i didn't have to tell each guest what we had cooking for them in the kitchen.

a labeled runner.
this is perfect for when you have a bar set up and you need to label things quickly. i also used this for our mimosa bar.
below was a quick vodka (or whatever you like) tasting you could set up in about 5 minutes.
label each container w/ a number and have your guests vote on which they like best!

last minute gift wrapping!
add some pretty tape and a bow. you're set.

the best part is that you can just throw all of this away and create something new for your next shin dig. i especially enjoyed using this as our bar runner. spilled mixers did not ruin any fabric runners and there was no cleaning sticky messes off the tables.

what would you do with a roll of this paper?