.. ikea sprucing. diy ...

hey there. did you see the brunch we hosted last weekend? if you were thinking, wow, that's a pretty nice looking donut stand she has there, then lucky you. I'm showing you how to customize your own!

the stand is from ikea and was originally an accessories stand. i found it in the bathroom organizational area.

start by taping off the inside of the bowls and leaving a good part of the tape above the rim. remember to tape of the center circle as well. you don't want your paint creeping in there.

prime the BOTTOM of the bowls. if you have a continuous line of tape on the inside, it will block any over spray from making it's way in. i let my primer dry for one day. then sprayed with orange fluorescent spray paint. you could use any color here to match your event!

assemble. and fill with treats...

enjoy! do you have any ikea items you've recently spruced up?