{ pretty }

i recently noticed that i tend to leave some of my favorite things just lying around.
all of these things have their place... the jewelry box, a drawer, my purse, etc. but instead i find places to display them. my new kate spade calendar is always in the kitchen or on the coffee table because it is just so darn good looking. my ban.do clip and fave little pieces of jewelry have a permanent spot on the bathroom counter. cocktail flags are waiting to be used... even during the week... sitting pretty in a vase in our kitchen. oh, and paper flowers i made as a test for our wedding are making their rounds around the house. maybe it looks like a mess to others a little more tidy than myself, but this stuff keeps me inspired and happy now that i spend a majority of my day working from home!
a few fashionable ladies and i decided to throw together some gift guides for you too! check back on monday to see mine and links to the others to get your holiday shopping started.
happy friday. enjoy your weekend
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