[ holiday gift guide ]

well hello! who's ready to get their holiday shopping started? i know, me neither. where did this year go?
i know one thing though. i never have a hard time picking out things for people like myself... it's like shopping for yourself... easy. that is why i've put together a gift guide for the sparkly entertainer. we all know one!

let's start with what that glitter gal in your life wants in her closet on december 26th.

02. lip gloss
05. glasses

don't forget your hostess gifts! as party enthusiasts, i'm sure many of you know how much work goes into planning that anual christmas party, a dinner party, or even a casual night of wine and cheese. A LOT. so how about gracing the hostess with one of these lovely {affordable} treats to show your thanks for the mini turkey cocktail picks she stayed up hand painting until 3 am.

conversation pieces. we all love em. we're always on the search for them. they're those fabulous little touches that the entertainer cannot get enough of. let's be real. party city is easy to go to and grab a few things for your bash. but they're {usually just plain boring}. so get her something that she can adorn her party with that looks like a million bucks. but totally isn't.

18. pitcher

all of these pieces are super affordable. the only way i would have it. i really do want to help people with their holiday gifting. not just give you a post of pretty things i only WISH i could afford for my friends and family. {i might be secretly wishing my friends and family get all of this for me as well:)}

i know i only touched on a small category that you are shopping for, but that is why i have sharon, natalie, amanda, and green4u ! 4 fabulous ladies with fabulous taste picking out some more fabulous goodies to put on your list. head on over to cupcakes and cutlery, mint love social club, i go you go and green4u!

oh, and email me if you need my shipping address for any of the above. just kidding... kind of