- twenty.six -

[straw and silverware images by sharon]

what started out as a photo shoot sharon and i had been planning, ended up turning into my birthday bash! we have been playing around with the idea of dipping silverware for a while now. so it became the centerpiece of this wine and cheese tasting. spoons, forks and knifes we're lined up by color and little bits of cheese placed on each one. each color represented one of the four cheeses we tasted that night, and each cheese was labeled on the adorable cows.
remember all of these i prepared?  they turned into a backdrop of garland you can see peeking out in some of photos.

[cow and label images by sharon]

cows told guests what they were eating, there was a name tag and handmade tassel adorning each glass and plenty of fruit and sweets to accompany the cheese!

[silverware image by sharon]

i painted up some fun cocktail napkins. sharons awesome dad made fancy little wood cake blocks. i practiced my calligraphy on labels for spreads and sides. mini cakes were served and succulents added a touch of green to the scenery.

[silverware image by sharon, happy birthday garland image by caitlyn goodman]
.all other images by me.

there are plenty more photos here and here.

i'm so glad i got to use all of our great ideas for this day! we had a blast designing, styling, creating and shooting to share with you.. get ready for more from the two of us.. lots more!