[plans for the weekend]

let's just say i'm going to have lots of time on my hands this weekend. no plans. bf will be working.
this is a good thing since i have many many projects that have just been sitting in my head, waiting to actually be done. here is my biggest. the bedroom

this is our current situation:: i bought that bedding (in december and have yet to actually put it on the bed). bought the striped fabric from ikea to make pillows (also, not done...). and have some lovely... let's call them "vintage" wood nightstands that desperately need an update.

bedding:: easy. done in an hour saturday morning
night stands:: little more tricky. i have some blue/teal-ish paint like the color below. the stands have drawers so i'm thinking paint the base the teal and leave the drawers the natural wood color? i know it's hard to visualize, but i'd like to hear what you think on color!

what do you think?