[ a short recap ]

a few notes from the weekend
i practiced my photography one afternoon when the light was coming in just perfectly through our bedroom window. the image above was the same day, but in the closet.. i actually felt really awkward taking pictures in my closet. anyways, i'll share the others later this week.
it was my moms bday, so we celebrated yesterday with pizza and cupcakes! take that diet! 
then i found a shirt i bought a few weeks ago at the bottom of the laundry. score! i had forgotten about it so it's almost like brand new!
i purchased this jacket with some christmas money that's been burning a hole in my pocket. i'm seriously in love with this thing and want to wear it everyday. might even do a little outfit post with it!
then i ended that lovely weekend with a bang.. literally. i was in my first almost bad car accident today. boo. i'm fine, the cars a little banged up. i hope this isn't a sign of my week to come!
i'll also be attending snap.crackle.pop! put on by utterly engaged with sharon! if everything else in my week follows suit with the wreck, i know at least this will be a blast and definitely inspiring.