. . mini bedroom tour . .

so here are a few photos i took while practicing my photography.. in my bedroom:) hey, art is everywhere right?

{the lovely ikea chandelier ryan really hates, but installed in our closet anyways (he says the light's too dim and he feels like he's getting dressed in the dark, i say he's color blind so it wouldn't matter anyways)}


{fun shadow shot}

{lots and lots of jewelry that needs to be organized much more efficiently, do i hear a diy coming?}

{our comfy spot.. that never gets made. whats the point if you aren't in that room all day and your just going to get back in at the end of the day? waste of 5 minutes if you ask me}

that's it for the mini tour of our sleeping quarters! next up? i have plans to share some details from our office. have a happy friday!