. . . one last look . . .

have you had enough pink party prettiness yet? never right? well this is my last little bit of fun to share with you. i took a few shots of my own... while eating at the dinner table. usually that would be considered rude, but i think when you have lots of pretty girls sitting around lots of pretty desserts and drinks, it's a must.

we had overflowing jars of confetti everywhere! the perfect new years eve accessory, or the perfect accessory for any party. save your precious dollars for a fantastic party dress, skip the store bought confetti and make your own out of old mags, junk mail, even bits of ribbon and fabric!

candy + sparkles + bows = heaven

we did in fact make a point to have defined new years specific projects, so just bookmark this page and open it next december  when you need a little inspiration

everyone loves a good prop in a photo, especially one that you can include your thoughts on! sharon came up with the brilliant idea for these gorgeous little boards. each guest received one and had to write their resolution down when they arrived! obviously perfect for the new year, but what if you gave these to guests at a wedding to capture a greeting for the lucky couple? fun!
we also decided to stay away from chalkboards as they seem to be at every event.. not that they're a bad thing, they're adorable and way more practical if you have more that a few guests on your list.

champagne- a must

i love banners. you never really NEED them. it's obvious to people why they're at a party... you invited them right? duh. but they're just so darn cute. you can easily adapt this hand cut banner for any of your party needs.

i hope you enjoyed all of our posts, projects and pictures. we had a blast and cannot wait to work together on another shoot. check back soon ladies, there's much more to come!

oh, and of course i need to give one last thank you to everyone who helped us pull this together.
up imagery - amazing photos, and SO patient with us asking for every little detail to be shot!
meringue bake shop - yummiest desserts EVER. call her and place an order for the salted rice krispie treats, to die for
glue dots - you saved me hours of cutting double stick tape or waiting for glue to dry. if you are a crafter, these are a must!
and of course... SHARON of cupcakes and cutlery! she's one inspired lady. she had (and has) so many great ideas. i really would have never been able to do something like this without her!  head over to check out her blog next, she's doing a little wrap up as well!

{xo, l}