i heart carving stamps

step one towards my resolution::
stamp making
i've been wanting to try this for months. it's been on my list for so long because my local craft store stopped carrying the supplies. so, a girl has to improvise when she's too cheap to pay for shipping:) all it took was some carving tools used for clay and an old eraser i had lying around. i drew out my shape, yes, an extremely easy shape, but you have to start somewhere! then just carved around the area i wanted raised. it was so simple and only took a few minutes.

yep, if you noticed, i attempted my initial in a circle... forgetting that stamps need to be reversed. duh. looks okay though otherwise!

i can't wait to make more and more for me, friends, fam, and maybe even carving some custom stamps to  incorporate into items in my shop!

has anyone been successful so far in their resolutions?
{xo, l}