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Hey everyone! I am so pleased to be posting over here at Laurens blog :) My name is Claire from Hearthandmade UK and today’s tutorial is going to be a gorgeous white chiffon Ruffle night light, I think its perfect for the holiday season!

First you need your supplies…..

1 Glue Gun
Several Glue sticks
1 Empty CD Box
Chiffon fabric cut into Circles (I used 1.8mtrs of chiffon and a sizzix – I am a cheat)
And some Battery fairy lights (or you can use mains lights but battery operated work out cheaper and a lot better for energy efficiency!)

First thing I did was use my hands to break the protruding black bit on the cd tower – this means you can feed lights through the back without cutting anymore holes or anything.

and with the lights…. (I have ordered up some Warm fairy lights to make mine look nicer. I don’t like the LED ‘white’ theyre far too blue for my liking!)

Ok Ladies… now you are ready… to turn the glue gun on and get your circles at the ready for folding! I took a circle… and folded it in half twice…. I put a blob of glue on the plastic – I started on the side at the base and worked up in levels., and I attached the base of the folded circle (at the point) to the glue… I wasn’t sure how well this would work originally but because the glue is so super fantastic it soaked through the layers immediately and held it in place.. this was a looong process and I lost all of my fingertips!

also remember to place something under your glue gun because it could drip! Be very careful when poking the chiffon on too.. you will also lose your fingertips!

I adore it! With the little hole at the back it also means it is a lot easier to hang! The only issue is figuring out where to put my battery pack! I might be leaving it on for an entire evening so I could shove it in with the rest of the lights.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I loved making it :) I have been making things all week and preparing for Christmas! I will have tutorials every Friday over at the blog so please feel free to come visit and take part!

Claire xo