:: diy with red dirt revival ::


Hi There! It’s Chelsea from Red Dirt Revival! I am so happy to be bringing a little Red Dirt to Miss Lauren’s corner while she’s away! Today we’re going to learn a super easy and versatile Poinsettia DIY, so let’s get started!
Here’s what you’ll need:
{1.} Felt (thin) {2.} Marker {3.} Scissors {4.} Hot glue gun and sticks {5.} Craft Beads (optional)
Other materials for mounting/ attaching your poinsettias to your heart’s desire!
Step 1: Cut your felt sheets in half length-wise (or “hotdog style” for my fellow Ed Majors) 

Step 2. Cut ONE of these new pieces diagonally to create two elongated right triangles. You should now have two triangles and one rectangle. 

Step 3. Using your marker, draw petal shapes ranging in size from largest to smallest, making sure the shapes are fairly close together. This will be your “inner poinsettia” 

Step 3 cont’d: Next, do the same with your rectangular piece of felt, but make all your petals the same larger size. This will be your “outter poinsettia” 

Step 4: Cut. It. Out. Seriously… (Full House, anyone? Okay. Just me…)

Step 5: Draw a small circle and two (or more) leaves on your green felt and cut out shapes (and maybe finish off that Heineken…).

Step 6: Now the fun part! Taking your “inner poinsettia” piece by the smallest leaf, roll inward, making sure any black marker lines are on the back side. Then using your hot glue gun, secure it. This will make it easier to attach your next piece…

Step 7: Wrap your “outter poinsettia” piece around the outside, spreading the petals outward as you go

Step 8: Using enough hot glue to cover the bottom of the petals, attach your leaves, and then 

your felt circle over them.

Add some sparkly craft beads to the center, if you wish, and VOILA! a perfectly pretty poinsettia!

SUPER easy, right? But don’t stop there!  You can attach these to a headband for a fun hair accessory:

Or sew it onto a pin to use as a fabulous holiday brooch:

Make TONS of these and use them as a pretty garland, OR adorn a lovely package:

Any way you use it, you’re sure to get some oohs and aahhs over your super simple pretty poinsettia! 
p.s. this tutorial can be switched up to make any kind of flower you want just by drawing a different shape for the petals! See below where I’ve made a lovely Autumn Mum!

Thanks so much for following along! I hope you’ll swing by Red Dirt Revival and say hello!