. . . things i'm considering . . .

hey there, happy friday everyone! as usual i'm so happy it's here...
i know i've been a slacker this past week, it must be the weather {ya, i'm blaming EVERYTHING on it this week, so while i'm at it i'll include my lack of blogging}. so in an effort to make up for that {even if just a little} i thought i'd end the week with some of my favorite finds. things that i really really want packaged in a box, in a mail truck, on their merry way, with my name on top:)

just adore this pinboard by bliss in a teacup. love the fabric. love the styling. love that you barely even have to put anything on it because it can stand alone as a piece of art.

gorgeous. simple. fantastic necklace that screams fall. again, from the fab bliss in a teacup.

this has been on my wishlist for some time now... who knows, i probably shared it with you before too and just forgot, but didn't feel like scanning my own blog to make sure:) even so... if i did, it deserves a second round yes? trust me, i have piles of crap i could easily store in this beauty by sevenbc

why i don't have a mini purse yet? i don't know... i mean, it's basically an essential for garage saleing right? but no, instead i try to balance my coffee in one had, wallet and keys in the other, and dig through boxes trying to find treasures. yes, i need this

imagine all the fun things you could put in this guys mouth. i think it would be a really funny ashtray (if i smoked... which i don't, or hung out with people that did... which i don't). can't you just see him with a smoke hanging out the side of his mouth? hilarious. you can get him at high street market. unless i do first:)

enjoy your weekend!
{xo, l}