{ halloween menu part one }

i know everyone is so curious about what i'm making for my guests at our halloween dinner right? thought so... so here's as far as i've gotten. the recipe i am currently obsessing over... garlic fries

i know yum.
luckily most of our friends are already married, so no one should care that the first course of the night will give them bad breath for the remainder of it. maybe i'll hand out favor boxes with gum and breath mints:)
click here if you want a fantastic recipe
[disclaimer- i've never actually made this, it just SOUNDS fantastic at this point... i'll let you know]

now ideally we all like to serve our homemade fries in these adorable little fry holders from crate and barrel. but my goal for this halloween shindig is to NOT spend 4 weeks worth of pay. so instead...

i'm opting out for some easy, but just as cute paper cones like these beauties!

we all know fries are greasy and would just make those adorable candy corn and spider papers look like mush. so i'll probably stick to something equally chic, slightly cheaper, and line it with wax paper.

now hopefully i can come up with an appetizer, entree, dessert and cocktail before the 29th!

{xo, l}