{halloweeny inspo + a bday wish + blog love}

it's settled...
i'm having a halloween party, or more of a dinner party. we have a few party pooper friends {that i adore of course} that seriously won't come to a party if they have to dress up. so this usually works out for everyone. i let everyone know they don't have to dress "up" but can dress "festive"... this also means i get to wear a crazy fun outfit {if it weren't for the looks i'd get, it would be something i'd want to wear on a normal day}, glue on some fun fake lashes, and put something big and beautiful on my head, like a hat... or something with feathers and rhinestones:)
i already have a fall theme going on in the house, and would really hate to have to take it all down and replace it with halloweeny stuff... i found this image though which pretty much solves my problem! kinda half fall half halloween, right? i love it. i almost have all the goods to create this look which is a plus.
pumpkins+gourds+black+glass+labeled jugs and bottles with mysterious liquids {aka booze}=fabulous dinner party!

[image via country living]

what do you think of this take on halloween decor?

ps- happy birthday sista! she can buy lottery tickets now:)

we look like twins... i know
{i bet she'll be super excited to see that i chose a great pic of her:)}

pss- jenny asked me to be part of her wonderful wednesday feature! you can check it out here... and don't stop there because she has SO many great things over there if you are as obsessed with parties as we are!

{xo, l}