- babs blog challenge -

i know, i'm suppposed to have something cheap for you today... but let me be honest, i really did have a project planned, which i totally intend on sharing before the week is over, but i forgot to do it. i know right? how do i forget something, when i do it every week? i don't know... i was being productive though when i forgot. i was cleaning out the trash can i call an office {it was bad people, i think ryan went in there and almost twisted his ankle}. anyways, i promise to have a thrifty little project for you, it's a cute bracelet tutorial that's perfect for fall and winter!
i also entered a challenge over at the babs blog! it's a design challenge... i'm sure i have some stiff competition... people that are probably actually interior designers, but i thought it sounded fun and wanted to give it a shot anyways. rules were simple. you start with this::

and add add add until you think you have a fabulous board for decorating a room.
here's what i came up with::

[paper background and tape strips via pugly pixel paper buffet]

do you like? i'd enjoy this in my living room... heck, i might even use this board when i redo my living room one day:)
wish me luck!

{xo, l}