it's here!

i finally received my copy of instyle!  it was a LONG 24 hours since monday morning... when my mom got to see the new july issue in the waiting room at the doctors office.  i never knew subscriptions went out before the magazines hit stores! i googled every word and phrase i could think of to try and get a glimpse of it... i even thought about asking my mom to go back and "borrow" the mag:)  thank god it arrived in the mail the next day after work {and after yet another long day of google searches}.

so here it is!  my lime green chevron tray... love love love the photograph and can't wait to try those cocktails:)
i can't stop looking at it.  i can't even look through the rest of the magazine yet.
if you want to take a closer look, just go pick up ms. diaz at your local store!

and get excited... tomorrows friday:)