{a business card you'll actually keep}

hi there
how was everyones weekend?
i don't know why i am still thinking about this... isn't this usually one of the first things you do when you're trying to start a business? create business cards?
when i was a kid, my girlfriends and i would start a new "club" or "business" at least once a month. we had a sticker collecting club... bracelet selling business... oh, and the bff club. and you know what the first thing we'd do was?  make business cards.  it was always my favorite part, having pretty little cards with your name on them that you get to design.
i think i've just been waiting for the perfect design to hit me or something... or maybe it's with all of these beautiful inspiration images i found, i'm just intimidated!
i am LOVING all of these::



i love all of the illustrations and that they look like a tiny piece of art.  i know that if i came across a card like this, it definitely wouldn't be going in the trash {which i'll admit, a lot of biz cards do}
i want something that people remember and don't what to throw away!
so here's one of my many attempts at that...
what do you think?

a little mock up i did until i can fully commit to get these printed! after finding all of the other images above and getting even more inspired, i'm starting to think the flags would look better if i could do a fun hand drawing... kind of like the illustrations on the other cards.
i'd love to hear your ideas and feedback!