[it's time]

how was everyones weekend?
i had one full of dreaming... dreaming of not coming back to work today... ha!
well, i came back, but i'm still dreaming.

i'm not sure what came over me, but i feel like i'm ready to start breaking into event planning and designing. it's originally what i wanted to do, and why i started my etsy shop. but i think after starting my shop and blog, i was a bit consumed by it. who says you can't do both though right?  it's all about time management! {especially when you already work 8 hours a day}
so, i know a girl just can't pop out of no where and expect people to let her design their event, this is why i've decided i need to start hosting mini faux events, like for myself and a photographer {prob my sis at this point as i don't have a lot of spare change to pay someone}, and build a "portfolio".
i can't dive in as i need some stability in my life {aka:: a paycheck} and this is how i plan to test the waters:)

now, my question for you lovely creative readers out there... what would you like to see? i'll definitely be sharing everything along the way, so tell me YOUR ideas.  if you were planning a party, wedding, or whatever, what inspiration would you give me to plan your event? if you had a second shot to plan your wedding, what would you want?  what theme's do you love and would love even more to see that come to life as a party?
i'd love love LOVE to hear what you like and incorporate that into what i'm doing.
can't wait!
xo L

[picture via bash eco events]