... hello+feature ...

hi! i'm just stopping in for a quick hello and update...
hope some of you got to check out new things in the shop.  i've been working hard to get things listed this week and will have some more up tonight and tomorrow.

I'm being featured over at Green Pickles today!  Go check it out! {please:)} She's even doing a fun little giveaway with some garland i will be listing soon as well.  {thanks aimee!}

umm... so i went to the grocery store hungry after work, NEVER a good idea.  and i have like a major sweet tooth lately.  SO, i decided to buy both a tub of ice cream and a pack of starbursts.  i know it's not horrible or the end of the world. but i NEVER do that! if i eat candy i try to limit myself to a few pieces... i already ate the whole pack:)  i think it's because ryans gone.  he's traveling for work, so i guess i'm just trying to make it a little better with ice cream, haha:)

oh ya, the photo scavenger hunt! i didn't forget, i just think the sharing might be a little postponed.  if you still want to share your photos, send them to me!  i'd love to see them.

how's everyone's week going?  good i hope... we're halfway there!  keep checking in, i'm going to have a giveaway soon too in honor of all the new products i've been working on and stocking the shop up with!
ya! my first giveaway!

hope this post wasn't too all over the place for you gals... felt like i need to check in though:)
have a wonderful wednesday!