... beautiful blogger award ...

hello lovelies...
i've been a total procrastinator about something... this beautiful blogger award!

thank you thank you to ink and ivy and lilac and lace!!!
so now i have to share 7 interesting facts about myself... ready?
{1} my whole life i've HATED running, then...  i ran my first half marathon last year and am running my second next weekend!  not sure what happened, but i'm in love:)
{2} i have a new found obsession with spray painting things... my favorite thing to do is wake up at like 6am on a saturday, hit the garage sales and then spray paint everything i buy.
{3} i feel that there is an unwritten rule you must drink mimosa's on sunday mornings
{4} i haven't put our laundry away in probably 3-4 weeks... we're living out of the laundry basket (bad i know, i swear i'm working on that tonight)
{5} i love office supplies and get a little excited at staples... or just grabbing a pen in our supply cabinet here at work:)
{6} am secretly jealous of people who listen to music that is not on the radio.  i am lacking in that department... i have no idea how people find such cool new stuff... i think i'm just impatient and can't sit and listen to anything on the internet or itunes
{7} i really don't like talking on the phone and am extremely grateful for text messages and email

:: beautiful blogs ::

ok, now off to NOT procrastinate and work on some new things for my shop!