[-back on track-]

I've been feeling like the days are draging and the nights are flying by.  I'm not enjoying that one bit!  I sit at my desk all day making mental lists of all of the projects i'm going to work on... then by the time laundry is in, picking up after ryan and i and the dogs, and dinner is on the stove, it's late!  so i give up, plop on the couch, try to catch up on a few blogs, get sucked into whatever is on tv and fall asleep.  sound familiar?  i hope not:)
anyways, i know that i'm ALWAYS saying that i need to get out of this rut.  and this time i actually have a plan!  sort of:)
i stumbled across a lovely idea at pugly pixel.  she made this adorable notebook... and her goal was to not buy any new supplies, LOVE IT!  i know i'm not the only one who has loads and loads of things we can use at home.  plus, doesn't using things you already have just give what you're working on so much more character?  i think so...


{all images via pugly pixel}

here's MY plan. i love katrina's idea so much that i'm going to follow her lead and construct a similar journal/notebook dealy. but i'm also going to make this my calendar day planner. now, i haven't put TOO much thought yet into how i am going to go about the calendar part, but i will be sure to share my version! i'm hoping that having my calendar, notes, and inspiration all in one place will keep me motivated... seeing things that are inspirational should push me to stay on track and follow my to-do list and calendar!

i can't wait, i'm super excited about this and that i only have to spend a few bucks on a notebook! everything else is free:)

how do you ladies stay on track and motivated?