I can't help but notice all of the self portraits floating around on my fave blogs, websites, etc.  And it made me think... i have a blog, i have a shop... why don't i have some nice/fun pictures to represent myself with?
SO, i asked my sister this morning to help me out this weekend {since she takes some pretty amazing photos}.  Ever since that text, i would say my productive-ness has gone down about, um... 80 percent?  All i can think about are fun set ups and pretty places we can go take them!
Here's one {my fave}
a tea party!!!
I mean obviously with the movie alice in wonderland coming out, there's been an explosion in the popularity of things like this... but i can truly say that i've been an alice fan since the first time i watched the VIDEO:)
so here's my plan... set up a mini tea party for some pics, do you love?

this is truly what my tea party would look like, but i'll class it up for some pictures:)

What about you guys.  Have you ever done a "photo shoot" just for yourself?  It's kind of intimidating... i think that's why i need some props... to make me more comfortable:)
Tomorrows Friday, get excited!