hello hello
it's good to be back {even though i was only "away" from here for a few days}
you know how it's always super fun and exciting to go on a vacay, but you're still really glad to come home and sleep in your own bed?  that's kind of how i'm feeling... i had a blast planning and hosting my bday, but i'm glad it's over:)  it stressed me out and i felt like i had no time to focus on my blog... my indie biz class {which i'm SO behind on}... and creating fun new stuff.
oh ya, and i'm still cleaning up... blah

anyways, i saw this eco-friendly diy project over at a beautiful mess and fell in love.
1... because it basically costs NOTHING
and 2... because i am obsessed w/ kraft paper, or anything that resembles it:)
who wouldn't be happy to receive a package in the mail that looks like this???

i'm so excited to try it out!
i already know i have 2 packages i will be sending out in the next few days, so i plan on trying this out...
you girls want to see the end product?
hope my customers don't mind me wrapping their goods in trader joe's bags, ha:)

ps... i'll definitely be sharing my party pics soon!  hold please:)