March Notes

March Mood | A Fabulous Fete


As we countdown the days until spring is here, I can’t help but get excited for everything that comes with it; pops of color, finally being able to wear my dresses again, a better flower selection, longer days, and the urge to brighten up spaces around me. We don’t really have true “winters” here in Southern California. It gets sort of cold… but this year I really understood the pain that the rest of our country probably puts up with for these cold and wet months. The rain has been frustrating to say the least, so my appreciation for spring is at a new high.

I’ve already caught the spring cleaning bug. I think it was the popularity in Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show. I only watched one episode, but it was all I needed. It really got me thinking about what I am surrounding myself with. In my home and in our office space. There were things around me that LITERALLY caused me anxiety… whether it was a sweater that was too small (you know, one of those that you will def fit into once you get back into shape) or the collection of 17 umbrellas that we never use (as a household of two, we only need TWO!). I’ve slowly been clearing out spaces in our home, getting rid of things I don’t 100% love or need, and it has made my days SO much different. Getting dressed is fun again because I can see my clothes. I made a bag of things that needed to be repaired as well which I am excited about… it’s basically like new clothes because they’ve been hanging for so long without me being able to wear them. Finding a lightbulb or a roll of paper towels doesn’t involve 20 minutes of digging because we can now walk through our laundry room. Our house cleaner doesn’t get annoyed with me because I actually put each set of sheets into baskets for her to change when she comes. I mean, the list goes on… I feel a weight has been lifted and I’m not even done!

So I’m excited to move into spring and share what we’re doing here at AFF and in my home! We have some fun projects coming up for the blog that will definitely brighten up your screens and I hope inspire you to do that same in your own spaces!




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