How to Prepare Your Home for Guests

How to prepare your guest room for visitors  | A Fabulous Fete
How to make you house guests feel comfortable | A Fabulous Fete


I don't mean to scare you, but the holidays are on their way. Not like, tomorrow... but it's always great to be prepared. This summer I finally cleaned out one of the rooms that used to be our second office at AFF. Now that we moved into our new office, this room in my home can finally go back to being a guest room. We had our first official overnight guests a few weeks ago and it had me thinking; what the heck do I put in a guest room? Honestly, it's the first time as a grown adult that we had real guests that weren't our parents or a friend who had a few too many cocktails at a party. So, if any of you are prepping a space for upcoming guests, I wanted to share a few tips for making your guests feel comfortable in your home!


Use this checklist to prep your guest room for visitors this fall | A Fabulous Fete

What to stock

Think about when you are in a hotel room. You know those little things that you forget to pack, then find conveniently stocked in your room for a small fee? Same goes for stocking the guest room, minus the fee;) 

  • bottled water

  • mini packs of advil

  • small toiletries (q-tips, cotton balls, toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, etc.)

  • stain remover (mini pen or towellete)

  • sleeping mask

  • individually packed snacks

  • clock

  • phone charger

Tips for making your houseguests feel like they're at home | A Fabulous Fete

Make them comfortable

Now that you have the essentials, here is what you can add to a room to make your guests feel like they're at home.

  • magazines

  • books

  • candle + matches

  • notepad + pen

  • local guide (you can even make one yourself!)

  • bluetooth speaker

  • fresh flowers or plants


But don't forget

These items are nice, and some even necessary but can easily be forgotten when you have an entire room to think about!

  • FRESH towels (like, make sure they've been washed recently and haven't been sitting in a cabinet for months... it makes a big difference!)

  • a mirror in the room if there isn't an ensuite bathroom

  • a vanity

  • luggage storage (table or caddy)

  • basket for dirty towels

  • extra pillows and quilts

  • hangers and garment rack (if there isn't space in a closet)


The main thing is to always make them feel as comfortable as possible, like they are in their own home. Anticipate their needs before they come knocking on your door in the middle of the night because they can't find the Advil!


What else do you guys do to make your guest comfortable staying in your home?