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Honestly it feels like SoCal just can't make up it's mind on what season it wants to be. It's cold, it's hot, it's windy, it's perfect, it's gloomy, it's rainy. Sometimes all in the same day. BUT, we're working through it and have kept our eye on the prize as we search out the perfect spring things. There is spring cleaning to do, summer cocktails to test and wardrobes to update. So here is what we are currently into... or probably already have in our possession at this point;)


What I love  | A Fabulous Fete


1. Last month I mentioned my obsession with reading ALL the articles from Inc. daily. So much useful information is packed into easily digestible articles that are perfect for entrepreneurs or just anyone interested in business or their career. Let's be honest, you can count on one of these every month in our round ups, k? This month my fave was an article on 9 things that are making you look insecure, something I'm sure we all fight with from time to time. If you run a business, this is probably the last trait you want to exude.

2. I bought this denim jacket and am so glad that I finally found one that FITS. I've had them before, but usually some cheap version that was too baggy, too tight, or that you could tell it was about to fall apart at any second. Obviously Levi's is THE denim brand, so I'm excited to see how it wears over the years. Plus it goes with everything. WIN.

3. Well, can I just live in this picture? Loeffler Randall's (one of my favorite shoe brands) spring campaign is SO good.

4. Tata Harper's Rejuvenating Serum has rejuvenated my life. JK, but it's making my skin look pretty good. I've never really had a skincare "routine". But after try a sample of this over the course of a few days, I had to. Which in turn created a skincare monster in me. I think that I literally need every serum and oil and cream out there. It's so addicting with all that's available! If you are prone to dried out skin with these hot months coming up, or maybe just travel, I recommend giving this a try. 

5. Next read on the list... Miracle Morning. I'm hoping for a miracle. I do have a pretty decent morning routine, but my procrastination some days is on another level. I'm hoping this will guide me to find something that keeps me consistently productive in the morning.

6. Oh hey little feathery slides. How could you not put these in your cart for $25? I did purchase (duh) but haven't worn them yet. I think they'll be perfect with summer dresses as long as they don't look too nightgown-ish!

7. I need to get out more. Like out of the house, and out of Orange County on occasion. I've had my eye on all the instagrams people post from this store and want to make a trip soon one of these weekends! I love any reason to invest in a new cactus.

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Favorite Finds | A Fabulous Fete


1. With festival season here, I've been on the hunt for some stylish sunglasses that won't break the bank, because, let's face it, there's a 96% chance I will lose them in the field of 125,000 people. I recently bought these sunglasses, 'After Hours' from QUAY Australia. I love the subtle pop of color I can add to any outfit with these!

2. We've been talking about having a "margarita off" here at the office, so of course, I've been pinning a million margarita recipes on Pinterest. I have a good feeling this bad boy from Love and Lemons will win. I'm a sucker for a spicy cocktail. Stay tuned for the results...

3. This book is next on my reading list! I've been seeing it all over "top 100" book lists, etc and can't wait to start reading it. Author Amanda de Cadenet shares her collection of personal essays and speaks about what it is to be a female in 2018. She shares her personal advice covering everything from relationships to business.

4. Wine in a can? Wait...ROSÉ in a can!? I'm in. I found Una Lou wine and took it with me to Coachella...because attempting to sneak in a bottle of wine is too much work.

5. I can't think of anything worse than spending the time to do your makeup and then having it all melt off (thanks 100+ degree weather) by the time you arrive at Coachella. My friends and I discovered this makeup setting mist by COOLA that not only protects and "sets" your makeup, but its SPF 30 protects your skin from UV rays, and its ingredients (like aloe and green tea) makes it super refreshing to apply!

6. I've been looking for the *perfect* rattan chair to add to an empty corner in my living room but I've been having trouble finding a cute but affordable one. IKEA has recently come out with one that's under $200! They sell out fast, (there were only like 3 left in a 100-mile radius of me) so hurry!

7. Every Spring, Fullerton College invites an artist in residence to present their work in their on-campus gallery, hold workshops, and host speaking engagements. This year, Lisa Congdon was the artist. It was so amazing to be able to talk with her, watch her work, and listen to her techniques and how she got started.

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Our favorite things  | A Fabulous Fete


1. This grilled cheese is worth every single calorie you need to burn after you're done eating it. We used fresh sourdough bread to make the grilled cheese and paired it with homemade baked sweet potato fries. We know we can't eat it every day but we'll certainly be making this a monthly dinner plan.

2. Rosehip Oil: Leading up the wedding I really started getting into a skincare routine and loved it. I've recently added this rosehip oil and it is straight up magic. I put it on before bed and can instantly see a difference in the morning! Huge plus that it is toxin & cruelty free.

3. Mr. B's Necessities: I received this set of aromatherapy roll-ons as part of my Causebox subscription and we LOVE them. Each one has a specific purpose such as energy boost, stress relief, headache relief, calm, and immunity booster and they are all fabulous.

4. Coffee Subscription: We love coffee and after our trip to Australia, where coffee is a pretty big deal, we subscribed to this service that takes your personal preferences and sends you a curated box of fresh beans monthly. We've received so many great coffees, but my favorite so far is one that has just a hint of cocoa. 10/10 definitely recommend.

5. Harvest Chicken Skillet Dinner: On the menu last week was our favorite go-to one pan meal, this chicken skillet dinner combines all of our favorite things (especially fewer dishes)! A mix of chicken, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and apples makes this an easy dinner packed with our favorite flavors.

6. Arielle Vey: Need to refresh your walls? Check out Arielle Vey's print shop! I recently purchased a couple prints to go behind my desk in the AFF office but she just released her Spring prints and I'm agonizing over which ones to order for my home office.

7. Half Circle Mirror: We're just starting to look for a new home and of course I've already started concept boards to design our new space! Etsy has always been the first place I check for unique home goods and this mirror did not disappoint.

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