Office Appropriate || Silk Slip Dresses

There's a been a huge learning curve in dressing for... a. running your own business and b. running it out of your house. Basically I went from being used to going into an office daily, so I got fully ready, every single day when I first quit my day job. Then I realized, most of the time, that effort was wasted. I literally saw no one some days, especially when my husband was traveling. So that progressed into staying in pj's until around 3pm, realizing it was 3pm and getting ready then. Again, pretty much a waste at that point. I'm finally leveling out (after just over 4 years!) and finding what works. Some days are for yoga pants and some days there are places to go and people to see, so it really varies each day. But, I've found that often the things I want to buy need to make sense for our date nights AND working from home. I've become pretty good at figuring out ways to make things appropriate for both.

I've had my eye on all of the satin slip dresses... and if you ask me, they aren't super office appropriate. So I set out on a challenge to fix that (because I NEEDED one, ya know?). Plus I've been shopping for a little birthday trip we'll be taking to Vegas next weekend and this filled the void for a cute little dress for a night out.

Whenever I want to dress something down, I feel like cozy cotton pieces and sweaters are key. So I paired a long sleeve tee with the dress, a denim jacket, booties and a chunky necklace. I'm big on being comfortable, especially when my tasks during the work day change from sitting at a computer, to lettering to assembling. This was the perfect combo of comfortability and working satin into my everyday wardrobe.

I'm pretty hooked on pairing tees with my dresses at the moment so I hope that trend doesn't go away any time soon! Do you guys have any tips for working your favorite pieces into your daytime wardrobe?