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When I first started my blog, I used to love that it allowed me to take pictures of random things and share them. Some of my posts were literally a round of up completely random images I took over the course of a week or weekend. It was a fun way for me to capture things that I enjoyed, at the moment. With the pressure of creating content on a consistent basis (as my blog grew), I kind of lost just capturing what made me happy. SO, I definitely want to start incorporating that back into this space, but with a bit more intention. I know a lot of you want to see more behind the scenes, spaces around the office and our home, and items that I recommend + love... and I think this is the perfect compromise!

Candles, perfume and scents in general are a huge part of my life. They say that specific scents can bring back memories and/or bring back emotions of a different time or place in your life. I 100% believe in that which is why I hold on to scents that I absolutely love. Certain candles make me extremely happy just because they remind me of a fun night we hosted at home, or the time I first found that scent and filled a room with it. Generally they are associated with good feelings from the past. Maybe that sounds totally bizarre but it works! (this also means, don't ever buy a (new to me) candle for me as a gift, 9 times out of 10 I won't like it! ;)

Anyways, so last year I was in Palm Springs and our hotel's lobby was filled with THE MOST AMAZING scent, like, i've ever ever smelled. I took note of the candle, which was Le Labo, Santal 26, but never purchased until recently (because hi, they're an investment). If I could burn these all day, and not go broke, I would. It totally brings me back to our trip and reminds me of those few relaxing days we stayed.

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Santal 26, Le Labo | A Fabulous Fete

I ended up getting 2, one for the office and one for our living room. I actually can't light the one in the office though because these are some seriously strong candles. So I've moved it to the hall outside the office which is perfect. They also personalize the labels for you which is so fun!

A while ago I also grabbed their discovery set to try out a few of their other perfumes. I kept going back to the Santal fragrance which prompted me to finally buy the candles. I love this set though and think it would make such a great gift for your perfume loving friends.

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I still default to my Voluspa favorites (below), but this has definitely made it's way into the rotation. I've been wanting to try out a few of the Diptyque scents as well but am overwhelmed and not even sure where to start! If you guys swear by them and have suggestions, I'd love to hear!

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