Update Your Traditional Table With These Simple Favors

Easy entertaining ideas for the holidays | A Fabulous Fete


Holiday traditions, we all have them. And no matter where you are from, how old you are, or what your interests are, many of them seem to revolve around a table with people you care about. Whether your table is formal or it's your coffee table with a few friends, I always think it's important to incorporate thoughtful details into your entertaining style. One of my favorite things about entertaining is giving people a little something to remember the night.

So, I've partnered with Lindt Chocolate to share how you can create a stunning tabletop inspired by easy entertaining, an unexpected color palette and topping it all off with the perfect favor (that something special) your guests will love.


Holiday Tabletop Ideas | A Fabulous Fete
Color palette ideas for your holiday party | A Fabulous Fete

Anyone can start with a palette of green and red for their holiday table, so I wanted to give it a twist. I incorporated black, updated the red to shades of pink, and brought the green back in with the flower arrangement and greenery touches.

To give the table a casual vibe, candlesticks where mixed with votives and inexpensive glass candles. I placed them randomly to create a runner down the center of the table with a simple arrangement in the middle. Once the candles were placed, I tucked in branches that were left over from the arrangement to keep the color going.

Holiday dinner ideas | A Fabulous Fete
Holiday favor ideas and how to present them on your tabletop | A Fabulous Fete

creating the favors

Like I said, adding a personal and memorable touch is something you should strive for at every get together you host. Rather than setting out a bowl of the Lindt LINDOR Truffles, I opted for individual boxes at each setting that served as place cards as well. Give your guests something fun to open when they sit down. You could put a lot of different things in the box, but I wanted to create impact with filling the entire box full of festive milk chocolate truffles.

Wrap the package up with gorgeous ribbon and top with a place card and mini bundle of flowers! I went with an agate slice for each guest as I loved how it brought the black pop in even more to the table.

Give your guests a heads up that everything is theirs to keep and enjoy once they leave! Trust me, I've never met a person that isn't totally excited to leave with a box FULL of chocolate.

Chocolate favors | A Fabulous Fete
Agate place cards for a holiday dinner | A Fabulous Fete

Don't Host Dinner Parties?

I hear you. While I LOVE entertaining, sometimes I don't love the thought of cooking, cleaning, decorating, etc. So if you're looking for other ways you can incorporate these delicious guys into your holiday traditions (because there are over 20 flavors... you are bound to fall in love with one), I came up with a few other ways you can share the love with your fam and friends.

No. 1 - Tuck them in your families stockings

No. 2 - Leave a bowl on your entry table

No. 3 - Set up a truffle bar as an easy alternative to deserts

No. 4 - Put a bowl on your bar cart for mid-drink snacking

No. 5 - Fill up cute coffee mugs and give as gifts to your co-workers

Simple favors for your holiday dinner party | A Fabulous Fete
Chocolate filled gift boxes make a simple favor and place card at holiday parties | A Fabulous Fete
An alternative color palette for your holiday dinner party | A Fabulous Fete


These are definitely one of the easier favors I've put together, but they are close to number one on my list because they are a definite crowd pleaser! 

Are you guys entertaining this holiday season? What are you doing to make your table special?

Post in partnership with Lindt Chocolate