How To Host A Girls Night In Painting Party

Tips for hosting a girls night painting party | A Fabulous Fete

No brushes, no rags, just girls, paint and wine. I invited the girls over for a creative day with one rule, to forget about keeping things clean and let loose. We spend so much of our days picking up after ourselves (and family), organizing and just trying to keep our lives tidy in general. Sometimes it feels good to forget about all of that and just make a huge gigantic mess. Add in friends, cocktails and a creative activity, and you have yourself a pretty entertaining afternoon!

I partnered with method to share my take on their campaign to 'fear no mess' by hosting a get together in our living room and asking my friends to get as messy as possible. We laid out a huge drop cloth, set out paint (and no brushes!), snacks, blank canvases and turned on our summer playlist. It was funny how controlled we were all trying to be in the beginning, but after a few minutes everyone loosened up a bit and let their creativity take over. Other than having a good time spending time with your closest friends, I highly recommend doing this as a way to relieve stress. Feeling like a kid again (ya remember when you went home from school with paint all over your clothes?) was a surprising way to forget about all of those other responsibilities we had to go back to... at least for a few hours;) 

Here's a recap on the little details I included in our afternoon together!

How to host a simple weekend gather for your girls | A Fabulous Fete
Brush lettering for party signage | A Fabulous Fete

We set out a few blank canvases for each girl along with a tray of acrylic paint. Paint was mixed in our hands, on plates and straight on canvases.

Of course there was a snack table, is any party complete without one? I prepared my go to snacks (ie. items with minimal preparation!). Popcorn, cheese, bread, grapes and cucumbers topped with hummus and tomatoes. We also set out a selection of our fave wines from rosé to chardonnay.

One of the fun parts about the acrylic paint was it made our wine glasses a work of art too;) And when we were finished it came right off with warm water.

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The girls carefully selecting their color palettes to go with their home decor!

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The finished products! After an hour or two each of us had a little souvenir from our get together to take home. Tidying up was minimal (shocking after getting so messy) and we cleaned up with the method hand wash, the perfect non-toxic (and fab smelling) option to do the job. Since this party, it has now been added to every room with a sink. It comes in over 70 scents, so it's hard not to find at least a few you like!

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How to host a painting party | A Fabulous Fete
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I'm so glad I could steal a few hours from the girl's weekends to get creative and spend time together. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to beat this with another crafty get together!

What are your favorite things to do with your girlfriends? What would you do if you could get messy and not worry about cleaning up?! Would love to hear your girl time ideas!

All images by Dez + Tam Photography

This post was in partnership with method. All ideas and opinions are my own.