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So you know that feeling. You have SO many things to do, like important things to do, but you wash the dishes/go on instagram/do anything except what you are supposed to be doing. And it's because there is just so much, you don't even know where to start. Ya, I feel like that at least a few times a week. I finally started to tell myself. JUST. DO. SOMETHING. Do anything... just begin. I think the mental block is that you can't figure out what is a priority, so then none of it is. I also think that is why so many of us work well under pressure. It's because that's the only way for us to truly prioritize something and put our full focus on it. So, this is going on my desktop to remind me that we just need to begin, to begin. You need to do it at some point, so why not get a head start on it now, whatever it is. Does that make sense? ;)

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What do you guys do to get motivated? I am, and most likely will always be, a procrastinator. I could use your tips!


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