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With my style of lettering that I typically use when addressing envelopes, straight lines weren't really my thing. I started incorporating more of the print style for the actual address though, which meant… surprise, I needed to focus on those straight lines. It's never been something I enjoyed perfecting, so when Kimberly asked if I wanted to try out the Lettermate… I was like, duh. Holy moly why had I waited so long. 

Wedding Envelope Calligraphy | A Fabulous Fete
Lettermate for Envelope Calligraphy | A Fabulous Fete

The Lettermate is this clear plastic guide that leaves perfectly spaced lines and helps you center your addresses as well as create letters with identical sizing. And since I have a few different ways of addressing, I wanted to show you a few ways I used mine.

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The first way I tried it was the way it is explained on their site, to center on your envelope and write in your address. Easy. And even better… when I address with a brush I use all caps, so there were no issues with any descenders. 

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Secondly, as seen above and below, I simply used it to trace in lines to fill in after. Using this method I created a little grid with marks at center to guide my lines. No measuring, no counting, and just as easy to erase quickly. This allowed me to fill in the space a bit more. So it's just a personal preference! Or time… gotta erase that line;)

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Thanks to The Lettermate, I FINALLY took the time to make some new samples and update my site too. So rather than making this post crazy long, here's a quick peek at what I created for my shop with the guide. You can click on each to see them larger.

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Wedding Envelope Calligraphy Inspiration | A Fabulous Fete

Now to the good part for YOU. I have 3 Lettermate's to giveaway to you guys! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us how YOU will use your new Lettermate if you win. And don't think you have to have any experience in lettering to need or want one of these. They will instantly step up anyones addressing game by just making it look slightly more put together;) CONTEST CLOSED.

You must enter through the rafflecopter widget AND leave your comment if you want to win, so don't forget to do both. Good luck!

You can visit The Lettermate on their site, instagram or twitter.