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Succulent Hostess Gift

You know I love wine, and this post is not to discourage friends from bringing it to my house. But sometimes you just need to throw a curveball and bring something a little unexpected. That's why I love coming up with ideas for great hostess gifts that they'll love and remember long after the party is over.

I've never heard anyone say they dislike succulents. I'm pretty sure that person does not exist. So it's safe to say if you bring one for a pal, she's going to cherish it... as long as she can keep it alive. And rather than potting them traditionally, how about throwing them in a little tin you can box and tie with a bow? You could call it a travel succulent, but I think traveling with your plants is taking it one step too far, no matter how much you love them. So while it may seem impractical, it IS a super cute way to present it! Take the lid off, and you have a pretty little tin.

How to make a mini succulent gift

Start by packing dirt in your tin, dig tiny holes in the dirt once you have done that (just use your finger) and insert your succulents. I used clippings from other succulents in our yard that I had been regrowing roots on. So if you do that, this is basically a really free, really cool gift. Win.

Do you guys know how to turn succulent clippings into new plants? Should I do a quick post?
DIY succulent favor
Directions for succulent gifts

Once you have a few succulents grouped in the tin, pack the dirt down and add a bit of water.

DIY succulent tin
Hostess gift ideas

Top with the lid, add a bow and you're set.

Budget Hostess Gifts

If you have a dirt mess all over the succulents, grab a small paint brush and dust it off so they are tidy for your hostess.

I'll be honest, I kept this for myself and they are still going strong. They actually need to be planted in a bigger pot because they are doing SO well. Shocking.

What are your favorite hostess gifts? Or do you have any new ideas you want to try?

All images by Jessica M Wood Photography