Spiced Rosemary Cashews | Recipe

Individual servings of rosemary spiced cashews | A Fabulous Fete

I don't make them often (and now looking back, i'm not sure why), but anytime we serve any sort of homemade nuts at parties or small get togethers around the house, they are always devoured. I think because they are easy to grab and can be left out all night, they're the perfect thing to nibble on and are always great paired with cocktails. So for Friendsgiving, I made these Roasted Cashews. I found the recipe on a search for something other than almonds or peanuts and am so glad I stumbled across it. I will be making these for much more than parties now, like Saturdays... and Sundays and Mondays... ok, for everyday.

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Spiced Rosemary Cashews | A Fabulous Fete

Get the recipe here.

To get them ready ahead of time, I made the mixture of coconut oil, rosemary, salt, paprika and pepper the night before. So the next day all I had to do was roast the cashews and mix them in the spices to finish.

I served them in individual Le Creuset pots which would be perfect for keeping them warm right before your dinner.

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Trust me and try them out, you'll be hooked!


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