The Day After Bagel Bar | Entertaining

You know what doesn't get enough attention? The day after Thanksgiving, that's what. Maybe it's all of the sales, the wine and turkey hangover, or the massive pile of dishes. Whatever it is, I say it's time to give the day after a little more attention. You probably have the day off after all. So why not keep your fridge stocked this year and be ready to celebrate?

Whether your nursing the after affects of a little to much bubbly (or red. or white. or whatever it is you like to enjoy) or just enjoy a good brunch spread, there is one thing that can pretty much satisfy any ones cravings... bagels. I've partnered with Alouette Cheese to share a few easy steps to be prepared for the Holiday aftermath and quickly create your own bagel bar.

Start with the obvious, bagels, and add in the ingredients you and your guests love to create the bar. Our main focus for the bar here was the Le Petite Fromage individually wrapped cheeses. Nobody likes a dry bagel. There are 4 flavors to choose from, so we stacked them all on the table for guests to grab. I love having these in the fridge, since you only open one at a time, you aren't spoiling the entire package for a snack or a party! 

To complete the bar, I played off the ingredients in the cheese. We laid out a spread of herbs, tomatoes, cucumber, jalapeños, and avocado. All flavors pulled from the cheese. So they were sure to pair nicely.

Bottomless mimosas should be ready and available at a moments notice around the holidays... especially for brunch. Keep the champagne cool in an ice bucket and create an area with your coffee and juice.

Set out your plates and knives buffet style for your pals to grab and go.

My favorite part with all of this is that you'd really only have to grab a few things from the store a day or two before. Things like champagne, coffee and the Le Petite Fromage is all something you can purchase and have on hand for last minute gatherings... like a potential hangover brunch, haha;)


What are your favorite things to keep in the house for last minute gatherings?



Post in partnership with Alouette Cheese.

Images by Dez + Tam Photography