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The office has been one of those projects where I make a lot of progress and am almost "finished" (but really, will any home project ever actually be complete?), get distracted with life and work, and 6 months later want to change something and start over. It's pretty close right now but there is still a lot of chaos that needs to be organized. I taped my class for Modern Calligraphy Summit in my office and received a few requests to see the whole thing. So I've gotten the itch back to really finish it, make it look complete, organize everything and really just make it an efficient space since it isn't huge. I have the weekend to myself so my plan is to focus on getting some of the bigger items tackled, like throwing a ton of useless stuff away... and of course do a little shopping to accessorize;)

But, in the meantime, i've been trying to keep it a place thats still inspirational even though it's not perfect yet. One of my favorite parts is our rotating, gigantic, moodboard. I'll usually print out new images for projects I'm working on and tape them up every so often. I need a nice, oversized cork board so that I stop ruining the walls, but for now, it's a big overlapping pile of inspiration attached with washi tape! I made a little update for spring and new projects I'm working on, then added some fresh flowers since it finally felt like spring here in CA. I've been skimping on the fresh flowers in the office, just out of lack of time to put something together. But it was so nice to have a mini arrangement in there this week it made me want to get back on track!

Simple white rose arrangement | A Fabulous Fete
Office Moodboard | A Fabulous Fete
Glass corked jar with push pins | A Fabulous Fete
Custom stationery | A Fabulous Fete

Custom stationery and sticky notes from one of our past Wilde House boxes.

Mini arrangements to brighten up the office | A Fabulous Fete

Last week I mentioned having some fun stuff (and hinted at a giveaway) going on here. BUUUUUT, while that's still happening, it's been postponed just a bit. I needed a little more time to plan and pull everything together. It will be part of the re-design reveal here on the site... I can't wait to show everything off and give back to you guys for being such awesome followers. Soooo,  #comingsoon ;)

Office to Happy Hour + a Weekend Update

Hey weekend! Super excited it's here, we're making our way to Vegas to celebrate me turning 30-something on Monday. I'm still not over my birthday, I still like celebrating it with my family and friends. Aren't you supposed to hate it after you turn 30? I'll be honest, I've forgotten a few times, actually, how old I am. Probably a good thing though, right?

So, I've been planning slowly, what to pack... and as mentioned in my post earlier this week, how to make things work for more than just one night out. I started playing around with this velvet blazer, you know figuring out how to make it work from day time, to happy hour, to a weekend trip. Paired with a tee, red lips and my FAVORITE (like, I literally wear it every other day... and am wearing it as I type) hat, I felt like this would make the perfect friday work to happy hour look. Just add champagne;)

I hope you guys have some fun things planned this weekend! I have everything from shopping, to eating (a lot) to a tiny bit of pai gow (I say a tiny bit because I HATE losing my money) planned. We also have something super fun planned for next week on the blog, so stay tuned if you are into winning things that I share here and on insta all of the time. It's been a while since we had a giveaway, and you guys deserve it for stopping by here every so often;) 

Happy Hour | A Fabulous Fete

JACKET C/O TOBI.COM || HAT sold out, similar here || NARS LIPSTICK

New Scents for the Home + Office

Le Labo packaging | A Fabulous Fete

When I first started my blog, I used to love that it allowed me to take pictures of random things and share them. Some of my posts were literally a round of up completely random images I took over the course of a week or weekend. It was a fun way for me to capture things that I enjoyed, at the moment. With the pressure of creating content on a consistent basis (as my blog grew), I kind of lost just capturing what made me happy. SO, I definitely want to start incorporating that back into this space, but with a bit more intention. I know a lot of you want to see more behind the scenes, spaces around the office and our home, and items that I recommend + love... and I think this is the perfect compromise!

Candles, perfume and scents in general are a huge part of my life. They say that specific scents can bring back memories and/or bring back emotions of a different time or place in your life. I 100% believe in that which is why I hold on to scents that I absolutely love. Certain candles make me extremely happy just because they remind me of a fun night we hosted at home, or the time I first found that scent and filled a room with it. Generally they are associated with good feelings from the past. Maybe that sounds totally bizarre but it works! (this also means, don't ever buy a (new to me) candle for me as a gift, 9 times out of 10 I won't like it! ;)

Anyways, so last year I was in Palm Springs and our hotel's lobby was filled with THE MOST AMAZING scent, like, i've ever ever smelled. I took note of the candle, which was Le Labo, Santal 26, but never purchased until recently (because hi, they're an investment). If I could burn these all day, and not go broke, I would. It totally brings me back to our trip and reminds me of those few relaxing days we stayed.

Happy hour at home | A Fabulous Fete
New favorite scents | A Fabulous Fete
Santal 26, Le Labo | A Fabulous Fete

I ended up getting 2, one for the office and one for our living room. I actually can't light the one in the office though because these are some seriously strong candles. So I've moved it to the hall outside the office which is perfect. They also personalize the labels for you which is so fun!

A while ago I also grabbed their discovery set to try out a few of their other perfumes. I kept going back to the Santal fragrance which prompted me to finally buy the candles. I love this set though and think it would make such a great gift for your perfume loving friends.

Scents for your home + office | A Fabulous Fete
Gift ideas | A Fabulous Fete

I still default to my Voluspa favorites (below), but this has definitely made it's way into the rotation. I've been wanting to try out a few of the Diptyque scents as well but am overwhelmed and not even sure where to start! If you guys swear by them and have suggestions, I'd love to hear!

My Favorites...

Office Appropriate || Silk Slip Dresses

There's a been a huge learning curve in dressing for... a. running your own business and b. running it out of your house. Basically I went from being used to going into an office daily, so I got fully ready, every single day when I first quit my day job. Then I realized, most of the time, that effort was wasted. I literally saw no one some days, especially when my husband was traveling. So that progressed into staying in pj's until around 3pm, realizing it was 3pm and getting ready then. Again, pretty much a waste at that point. I'm finally leveling out (after just over 4 years!) and finding what works. Some days are for yoga pants and some days there are places to go and people to see, so it really varies each day. But, I've found that often the things I want to buy need to make sense for our date nights AND working from home. I've become pretty good at figuring out ways to make things appropriate for both.

I've had my eye on all of the satin slip dresses... and if you ask me, they aren't super office appropriate. So I set out on a challenge to fix that (because I NEEDED one, ya know?). Plus I've been shopping for a little birthday trip we'll be taking to Vegas next weekend and this filled the void for a cute little dress for a night out.

Whenever I want to dress something down, I feel like cozy cotton pieces and sweaters are key. So I paired a long sleeve tee with the dress, a denim jacket, booties and a chunky necklace. I'm big on being comfortable, especially when my tasks during the work day change from sitting at a computer, to lettering to assembling. This was the perfect combo of comfortability and working satin into my everyday wardrobe.

I'm pretty hooked on pairing tees with my dresses at the moment so I hope that trend doesn't go away any time soon! Do you guys have any tips for working your favorite pieces into your daytime wardrobe?


A Simple + Indulgent Girls Night Snack Bar | Entertaining

A Simple + Indulgent Girls Night Snack Bar | A Fabulous Fete
Mix and match glasses to add a little interest to your bar or dinner table | A Fabulous Fete

I know what you're probably thinking, the thought even crossed my mind as I was looking through these images... How is this considered simple? Well friends, I'm going to share all of my secrets for pulling together a sweet and salty snack table in under an hour, the prefect trick to have up your sleeve for entertaining.

One of my favorite get togethers to host is a girls night in. The ladies appreciate and love the little details and I can go nuts with the candles and flowers (what my husband likes to call a fire hazard... whatever). With the Oscars just around the corner, I partnered with Toffifay to create an indulgent evening to pair with their sweets, the perfect excuse for a girls night if you ask me!

When I think of indulgence, all of my favorite things come to mind... chocolate, cheese, wine and flowers. Things that are reserved for special moments, things that make you happy 100% of the time, no matter what the occasion. So, here's how I created this sweet and salty snack bar with all of my favorite indulgent treats.

Break out of the norm and line up your snacks individually for your next party | A Fabulous Fete
Mix + match glassware for a girls night in | A Fabulous Fete
A great way to spice up your display, use individual dishes so guests can easily grab a serving then add fresh flowers | A Fabulous Fete
Snacks all lined up | A Fabulous Fete

My go-to method of styling is usually that 'messy, but not too messy, but everything is actually strategically placed'... method. For me that just comes easier than trying to create straight lines and symmetry. But, with all of these wonderful bites, I knew I wanted to try something a little different. I love the idea of dishing things up in individual servings for guests that are ready to grab and go. Less standing around the snack table and more mingling. As the theme of the table was indulgence, we started with the obvious, SWEETS. I used mini bowls for a few pieces of Toffifay, chewy caramel + crunchy hazelnut + chocolate filling in a single bite, in one line, and also chopped them up to top small bowls of greek yogurt. Next I added the salty; cheese towers with a few different flavors and marcona almonds. Fruit plates were garnished with a touch of herbs for color, and finally, several glasses of champagne, rosΓ© and sparkling water were set in their very own lines, ready for the taking.

Greek yogurt with your fave crushed candy is such an easy dessert when entertaining | A Fabulous Fete

Mmm... above, chopped Toffifay topped greek yogurt.

An easy way to add interest to your usual wine or champagne, just add rose petals | A Fabulous Fete
Chocolates garnished with a small floral touch | A Fabulous Fete
An indulgent snack table that is actually simple to put together! | A Fabulous Fete

A simple backdrop was created with some plants pulled into the room from throughout the house. It added the perfect contrast to the white table and candles.

At the very back edge of the table I created a small "runner" with candle clusters. In between the candles I tucked in fresh spray roses, a few tulips and some filler. If you do this as your last task when prepping the table, the flowers will last all night without water. I love this idea because you need zero experience in arranging flowers, just trim, tuck in between the candles to hold them in place and you're done! I also trimmed a few of the roses that were more open and placed around the dishes for some color. Rose petals make a great drink garnish as well! Especially if you are using simple glassware, add some petals to take your wine or bubbly up a notch. (just remember to use petals sans pesticides! pull from your garden or find organic flowers meant for food + drink at a grocery store).

A table full of sweet and salty for a girls night  | A Fabulous Fete
Our favorite snack that's ready to go; marcona almonds from trader joes | A Fabulous Fete
A candle runner that also holds fresh flowers, no arrangement skills necessary! | A Fabulous Fete
Fruit plates with a tiny bit of herb garnish stand out from your standard fruit bowl | A Fabulous Fete
Mini servings make it easy for guests to grab and mingle | A Fabulous Fete
Break out your fanciest glassware for water too! | A Fabulous Fete
Stack a selection of cheeses for a quick sampler guests don't have to think about | A Fabulous Fete
A sweet and salty snack table with a mix of feminine florals and a tropical backdrop | A Fabulous Fete
Candle and floral table runner | A Fabulous Fete
Try this indulgent snack bar for your next girls night or cocktail party | A Fabulous Fete
Tropical party backdrop | A Fabulous Fete
Roses in your rosΓ© | A Fabulous Fete
A feminine tabletop perfect for your upcoming Oscar Parties! | A Fabulous Fete
Add a few of your houseplants behind a simple table to create an instant backdrop for any snack or cocktail bar | A Fabulous Fete

So, how did this all happen in under an hour? Here are a few tips to make your prep and set up easier.

  • Seems obvious, but it is my number one tip for anyone, buy pre-chopped, pre-portioned, etc. when you can. Toffifay fell into this category being the perfect sweet treat that I could pop into a bowl, add garnish and be done. This also applies to fruit... whenever I want to add fruit to a snack spread, I almost always buy berries since they require no prep.
  • Have a color palette in mind and pull/place all of your glassware or plates and bowls out the night before. This way you aren't worrying about placement and styling right before you are hosting. Make sure you know what is going in each glass or serving dish to make your set up even easier.
  • Pull from your house! I pull plants, candles, pillows and styling items from the house into one room to complete the look i'm going for. You know it all ties together already since it's your own decor.
  • Keep it simple. I used to make complicated cocktails all the time (totally fun, still do it sometimes) BUT, people really like wine, prosecco and sparkling water with a little citrus. Buy a few bottles to have on hand and you won't be stressing with a shaker in your hand all night.
  • You need less than you think. I always used to buy a ton of new styling pieces, trays, cakestands, etc. But when you let what you're serving shine (especially if you can just add a little herb or floral garnish to do so), everything else will start to look cluttered. Focus on one element, like I did here with the candle/floral runner, and save yourself the time.
Oscars viewing party ideas | A Fabulous Fete

I hope this inspires you for any upcoming gatherings, or even gives you some last minute tips for an Oscar party! 

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