a month in review // april

yep, a little late but i would never let a month go by without a recap. so… here is april! april made me a little dizzy. i like to space out when i have to work on weekends and it felt like there was an event, a shoot, a class, something every single one! luckily, i love my job and it's pretty so looking back on all this makes me happy. i sure am glad to have had the past few weekends to relax though;)

touching base on last month's goals… i'm currently working with a team to give the old blog a facelift! i can't wait to implement all of the ideas that have been in my head for months. we'll be launching the new site in june so stay tuned for that. secondly i wanted to find help for a fabulous fete. i've had 2 helpers, but am now finally going to set some solid hours, job descriptions/titles and tasks they handle weekly. just having someone here with me makes me not so frantic, not to mention reduces the chance of me procrastinating. i always feel like i have to be working hard since they are here doing the same. so check and check!

this month i'll be focusing on working more in advance.. on everything. from calligraphy work to blog posts. i have a horrible habit of waiting until the last minute to do things which creates a constant state of panic in my head (not good). it finally got to me and i've been taking steps to start projects earlier and do them in pieces rather than stressing out and having to complete one thing in one day. hopefully having help to keep aff organized and on track will let me produce even better work in a relaxed environment. i'm calling this one large goal for not just the month of may, but my biz in general.

what are your goals for this month? and how are they coming now that we're half way through?

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