rose water // diy

it was about time to do something with our roses. our entire front yard had been taken over and i'm too in love (i think i've made that clear) with flowers to just throw them away. so i decided to give rose water a try.

allegedly it hydrates and works similar to a toner.. and really, if i was just spraying water on my face that i thought had roses in it, i would've been okay with that too;)

all i used were my rose petals, filtered water and a tiny spray bottle.

i filled a pan up with lots of rose petals (rinsed and clean), covered with filtered water and set over med heat for about 10 minutes, until the rose petals were translucent and wilted.

meanwhile i made little tags for the bottle!

let your rose water cool and strain into your bottle.

it smelled delightful and a little mist every now and then throughout the day is super refreshing. it would be perfect for your quick trips to the desert or beach this summer!

it'll only last about a week or two in a cool place out of direct sunlight… which may be far too much labor to keep it on hand. but it would be perfect for a girls weekend like your bachelorette party or wedding weekend to keep your skin feeling hydrated and fresh!

i know there are a few other ways (with way too many steps for me to be interested in trying) out there to make it. have you guys ever tried?

see the last time our roses went crazy and i made rose syrup for cocktails!

* ps. please only use roses from your garden or that you know have not been grown with pesticides *