weekend update // 3.23

it's been long enough. i had to check back in even if i didn't have any super exciting projects to share with you. although i have lots of them stored up in my head, getting them done in real life has been a struggle. prepping for the cream pretty much took my life over for the past 3 weeks (sign above i created for my space! i had host & toast cut my logo, then attached it to a huge piece of wood. i'm in love), and then catching up afterwards… whole different story. but i feel like i have room to breathe again so it'll be back to regular posting on the blog, yay! we had a fun weekend though. filled with lots of work, but it was fun work since we were shooting some stuff for a champagne brand;) i thought i would share a few peeks into that to kick off the week!

thyme champagne cocktails in the backyard, it was such a perfect day!

i've been on a white kick. it's a dangerous choice when entertaining, but i felt like it was appropriate being spring and all.

my little portia cuddling up for the sunset.

celebrating flowers that last forever. and my new favorite rug.

a private class i taught on saturday. was so much fun working with a group of friends!

part of some orders that went out.

celebrating saturday;)

the arrangements for our class sat that the host made herself. so good.

what were you guys up to this weekend?!

ps. sorry i had to turn on the comment moderation and all of the hoops you have to jump through to leave one now. my blog was getting an insane amount of spam… so i had to. hope it's no too much trouble, i love reading them!!