grilled cheese appetizer combos // recipes

i'm all about the apps for our get togethers these days. i tried dinner parties, and i still love them, but dang it's a lot of work. so when i can get away with it, i like to serve something simple, but make it look a little bit fancier. i stepped up my grilled cheese game and tried out these not so standard combos to share with you for your next spring soiree. build it like a bar for your guests or just pre-stack em and cook to order. either way they're full of interesting flavors and sure to sastify everyone.

start with a loaf of some interesting bread (like, not wonder bread, k?). i found this bread at our local grocery store that had giant cloves of garlic baked in. i wouldn't call it garlic bread… but i guess that's what it was, just prepared differently. anyways, find something that is a bit out of the box when it comes to bread. most stores have yummy fresh loaves they bake on location.

next grab your cheese (tj's is the best!). i tried a sharp cheddar and brie. i think next time i'm going to try out some combos with bleu and truffle cheeses. that should be interesting.

and finally your meat. i mixed salami with the brie and a smoked turkey with the cheddar. sprinkle in some fresh herbs too. i added thyme to the salami + brie, basil to the turkey + cheddar.

serve and garnish with another sprig of the fresh herb you used inside.

i paired these with some rosé and it was perfect.

have you guys ever tried a grilled cheese bar? what are your fave combos?

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